The brewery

The idea

Imagine an ideal world, the world with everything perfect, nice and easy. We imagine the exact same world when designing and brewing our beers. We're fed up of the boring beer brewed according the hundred times repeated recipes, we have enough of tradition and habit excuses. We're bored watching the dominance of bottom-fermented beers -- the usual pilsener-type lagers -- when such a fascinating and colorful world of top-fermented beers, ales, exist.

The Lucky Bastard mashing tun

Yes, that's right, don't try to find any bottom-fermented beers at our place. We're the first brewery in Czech lands since 1884 which ferments their standard-lineup beers only using top-cropping yeast. It's been about time for the beer, that people ever drank here, but have been forgotten since, to return.

The people

The brewery credo is to see everything from a just different direction than the usual way in Czechia and create a brewery more similar to the breweries seen in the Great Britain or the United States.

Observing the fermentation state

We focus on brewing good beer without compromises. Think of the beer you'll be drinking as not to drink some volume but to sense it rather as a dessert.

The ingredients

With the same frequency as breweries make excuses of tradition and habits, they make excuses about inability, difficulty or high costs of using the right ingredients for each beer type. We don't do compromises, therefore we brew our beer only from the right ingredients suited best for each beer style. Belgia from the czech pilsner malt and belgian yeast, Pale, India and Black from the pale malt and american hops.

We use a high quality malts and hops

You won't find any extracts or concentrates in our beer, everything is purely natural. You'll also get the bottled or kegged beer in it's natural state -- without pasteurization and without filtration with a small amount of living yeast.

The technology

The text below describes our technology that we've been using till the half of 2016. At the moment, we have a brand new automated 1500 L brewhouse with 17 fermentation and maturation tanks with 1000 a 2000L volumes. The website will be updated shortly.

We're not stuck on traditions or classical ways how to do something. Contrarily, we love new technology! When used in a correct way, it's benefits are always positive. Still, most of our work is still manual, crafty. The heart of our brewery is a self-designed 250-liter brew kettle and a few open fermentation vessels places in air conditioned premises which are a bit warmer than in the most of Czech breweries -- the way the top-fermented beer like it.

The Lucky Bastard mashing tun

No matter how we love the modern technology, we won't brew strong beers to water them down afterwards (HGB). Similarly, we don't speed up the beer production in any way, Rome was not built in a day either.

We live beer. Will you live beer with us?