• Blond OG: 11 PLATO

    beer style: Czech Pale Ale
    alcohol: 4.7 % vol.
    available containers: 0.33L brown bottle, 0.75L black bottle, 30L DIN KEG

    How would you introduce a top fermented beer to someone who have only tasted lagers from the bigger breweries? You can give him or her a glass of India or Pale. But why won't we take it slow and let such person taste a beer less hoppy and somehow more simple? Or differently — some of you can drink a bitter and bold top fermented beer all night. But don't you sometimes think it would be nice to turn the Volume knob a bit more to the left? Therefore we've created Blond, a drinkable pale 4.7 % beer nicely hopped with Czech hops for flavour and American hops for aroma. If you drink a top fermented beer for the first time, it's gonna be a new thing for you. If you drink it regularly, you'll appreciate the freshness and ease it goes down your throat. You can live beer even informally.

  • Pale OG: 12 PLATO

    beer style: American Pale Ale
    alcohol: 5.2 % vol.
    available containers: 0.75L black bottle, 30L DIN KEG

    When first thinking of the 5 % pale Lucky Bastard beer, a simple, clean beer without any distractions imagination came to our mind. The beer which will have a nice fruity aroma and taste, but won't be too intensive.

    There came Lucky Bastard Pale, which refers by the used aromatic and bittering hops imported from the United States to the origin of it's beer style american pale ale. Expect a beer which will catch your attention by it's complexity, at the same time you won't feel to be sinking in the beer heaviness. The drinkability has here the main word.

    You can live beer even with this top-fermented equivallent of a pale lager.

  • Coco OG: 13 PLATO

    beer style: Session IPA
    alcohol: 5,7 % vol.
    available containers: 0.75L black bottle, 30L DIN KEG

    We love unconventional ingredients. We love to experiment with hops. One day, a hop called Sorachi Ace, developed in Japan and bred in the United States, got into our hands. We were so excited we decided to put the beer brewed with this hop to our standard lineup. So you can now buy Lucky Bastard Coco year-round. The name Coco reflects the intensive coconut flavor and aroma created by the Sorachi Ace hops. The profile is completed by other hops too, but coconut and oranges are the most prominent elements. Easy drinking, pale and very intensive beer.

  • India OG: 15 PLATO

    beer style: Northwest IPA
    alcohol: 6.7 % vol.
    available containers: 0.33L brown bottle, 0.75L black bottle, 30L DIN KEG

    Some think that the right IPA, india pale ale style beer shoud be very strong and very bitter. No matter how we like strong beers and high amounts of hops, we don't think that a beer designed just like that is the product we want you to taste. Therefore we've created Lucky Bastard India.

    India with it's 6.7 % alcohol is a strong beer, but not that strong to make you go to sleep after a first pint. At the same time, we've tried to use the hops rather in a way to concentrate the beautiful aroma and taste of citruses and ripe dark fruits, but not in a way that brings the strong bitterness along which will discourage rather than alure you from drinking.

    The result is bold, yet well balanced beer. Living beer India is an experience on it's own.

  • Black OG: 14 PLATO

    beer style: Black IPA
    alcohol: 6.2 % vol.
    available containers: 0.75L black bottle, 30L DIN KEG

    Czechs look down one's nose at dark beers. They think of them as too sweet. Sadly, in may cases it's just like that -- the breweries rather adjust to the society opinion then to do things right. We're not like that, you won't find a sweet Lucky Bastard beer.

    Lucky Bastard Black is a dry dark beer. And like all of our beers, Black is nicely aromatic as well. Notice especially the juicy citruses. The use of dark and roasted malts brings other stuff too -- chocolate and coffee. You'll discover both in aroma and in the tast. But no sweetness.

    We'd like to live a decent dark beer with you! Would you have one with us?

  • Special OG: ? PLATO

    Special, usually one-time beer batches. Brewed in a limited amount several times a year. Sold mostly only in KEGs.

    Discover the beer styles of the world and live beer with our ideas. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get the latest news. But hurry when ordering, these special batches are usually sold-our within few hours!

     Some examples of our special batches brewed so far:

    - Smoked Czech Ale (smoked pale ale; 6.7 % alc. vol.)
    - Tripel (belgian tripel; 10.9 % alc. vol.)
    - Imperial Porter (english porter; 7.5 % alc. vol.)
    - Equinox (imperial IPA; 7.5 % alc. vol.)
    - Pumpkin (pale ale with Hokkaido pumpkin; 5.7 % alc. vol.)
    - Kutyafattya (rye IPA; 7.5 % alc. vol.)